Handy doesn't begin to describe this folio writing pad.  It's sleek design includes pockets for holding papers & business cards, a lined writing pad, a convenient calculator in it's own pocket that's removable if you need it.

It fits in briefcases, backpacks and is low-tech mobility at it's best. It's high quality white  leatherette with a swirl of RUBY color to commemorate our Fabulous 40th.

In fact, right there on the front it says "Celebrating CNC's 40 Fabulous Years"



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I believe I started selling cnc in 1975 and attended meetings with Rita. And dr. Talon. I was under Dixie Wolbrecht. It has been a delightful ride until I suffered a stroke in 2007 and only sell to a few people. I still adore the products and have loved being associated with this wonderful company. Diane D.Evans